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Through Energy Upgrade California, there may be financing available to support energy upgrades in your home.


Maybe your home is drafty, or maybe it just seems too cold in the winter for how high your energy bills are. Maybe certain rooms just never seem comfortable.

Or maybe you want to make sure your family lives in a healthy environment. Asthma and other respiratory problems can be exacerbated by unhealthy air flows in buildings. By minimizing the flow of air containing allergens into your home, you are helping make your home a healthier environment. Leaky air ducts can pull in dirty air from the outside or dust or mold from crawlspaces or attics.

Maybe you also care deeply about reducing your energy use. Could be you are considering solar panels or solar hot water and know that the right first step is reducing your energy needs to spend less on your solar installations.

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Done right, a home energy audit is a scientific assessment of your home’s energy efficiency, air flows and energy usage.

A full home energy audit includes using sophisticated diagnostic equipment to take measurements of air leakage, duct flows, insulation deficits, proper functioning of HVAC, hot water and other systems. Visual inspection of some parts of your home is included in the audit, but without the diagnostic tests, it’s not enough.

The audit will uncover the underlying causes of energy loss that lead to a drafty, uncomfortable home, unhealthy air, or high energy bills. It will quantify for you how much energy your home loses to the outside, where the big energy losses are, and the most cost-effective ways to make it more comfortable and more efficient.

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An experienced general contractor is used to seeing a home as a series of systems that work together. A good home energy auditor does the same, approaching the building as a system to understand how the components work together.