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Energy Upgrade California – Contra Costa County rebates

Contra Costa County residents can get up to $9,500 in rebates and tax credits for home efficiency upgrades

Contra Costa County offers $5,000 for home efficiency upgrades on top of the $4,000 PG&E rebates. Kobban Builders is one of the few contractors eligible to provide Contra Costa home owners with these rebates. If you have ever thought you’d like to reduce your PG&E bills, these are the biggest rebates that have ever been available in this area for energy efficiency upgrades.

What work qualifies for the PG&E and Contra Costa rebates?

Pretty much any improvements to your home that will permanently lower your energy consumption. That said, the savings are based on your modeled energy savings and the work you do would need to achieve at least a 20% savings. (At 15% savings you would be eligible for PG&E rebates.) Here are some examples:

  • Insulating your attic, walls and floors
  • Sealing air leaks
  • New furnace, new A/C, duct replacement, duct repair, etc.
  • Replacing windows
  • Replacing water heater

How it works

  • Complete a whole home energy assessment. This in-person 3-5 hour assessment gathers data on your home. Out of this you will have you a blueprint of which work should be done to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you money.
  • Review our detailed report which provides you with audit results, rebate eligibility estimates, rebates and overall project investment.
  • Enroll in the package that achieves the energy savings at the investment level that is right for you. We take care of the rest — the upgrade work and all the rebate paperwork.
  • Enjoy a more efficient home that costs you less money!

Program Details:

  • Rebates are based on modeled savings using a software program.
  • To be eligible, you must choose an upgrade package that achieves a minimum of 20% savings. At 20% savings the rebate amount is between $4,500-$7,000. The greater the energy savings, the greater the rebate. Maximum combined rebate is $9,000
  • You also can claim a $500 federal tax credit for a maximum of $9,500 in cash savings
Estimated Energy Savings Combined Rebates and Tax Credits
20% $7,500
25% $8,000
30% $8,500
35% $9,000
40% $9,500