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ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units

Some call ADUs granny units, in-laws, or backyard cottages. Maybe you want:

• A space for your aging family member
• A landing pad for your college grad
• A planned space for you or a caretaker as you age in place
• Extra backyard space … an office, a guest cottage, an art studio
• Rental income

Whatever the purpose, building an ADU can enhance your property value. And the state of California wants to help you with a $40,000 grant. Plus, the state now requires streamlined local building approvals.

Kobban Builders can help you:

• Coordinate the right team of experts
• Connect you with financing experts to help unlock a $40,000 state of California grant
• Build a high quality, high craftsmanship ADU efficiently and effectively
• Have fun while you are at it

Who’s on your ADU team?

  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Lender (if needed)
  • Potentially: Surveyor, structural engineer, legal and others

How do I get started?

STEP 1: Architect assesses your site and recommend some approaches that fit your space and your goals
STEP 2: Develop plans, get cost estimates from your builder, submit for permits
STEP 3: If needed, line up a construction loan, tap a HELOC or other financing
STEP 4: Build your new ADU

What does it cost?

It depends (likely you’re not surprised by this answer!). Costs can range from $600-$1,000 a square foot depending on size, amenities, finish details and other considerations. Building a smaller space isn’t necessarily a cost savings over the long term. Your ADU – regardless of size – will require foundation, kitchen, bathroom, etc., and adding extra living space like a bedroom or larger living area may actually shrink the cost per square foot. If cost is your primary consideration, we can explore pre-fab units.

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